Bro Nez & Ty Tanium's Quests

Quest Location: Dwarfhold Keep
Quests Begun From: Bro Nez & Ty Tanium
Requirements: Must have completed the Dwarfhold Chaos Saga.

It's time we get back to business. We were kept in chains for so long that we've lost track of the mineral veins. Our mountain is unlike any other. Veins of precious minerals and metals grow and shift. It takes experience to track where they sprout and move. If you get us Gem Cores from the Gemralds and scoop some innards out of the Glow Worms, we'll show you how we prospect.

Items Required:

  • Gem Core x5 (Stacks up to 35)
  • Worm Innards x5 (Stacks up to 35)



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