Bro Nez & Ty Tanium

Before completing 'The Third Lord of Chaos' story:

Dwarven Slaves
Watch your step, friend! you do not want to fall down that hole…. there's a horrible beast that lives there! You can sometimes hear it when it's sleeping and… *gulp* …. when it's feeding!

After completing 'The Third Lord of Chaos' story:

Dwarven Prospectors
There you are! The Hero of the Mountain! We can't well believe that we're awarding the title to someone that isn't a dwarf but you defeated Vath. You deserve a big ol' medal! Too bad he got taken away by his dragon. The rest of us would have loved to rip a piece out of him, but what matters is that we're free. If you help us get Dwarfhold back up and running, we could forge you a medal, or even a crown.

We're the best prospectors you'll find in Lore. We scout the mountain for mineral deposits and veins of precious materials. See, Dwarves have a natural affinity for that sort of work. For a time, Dwarven Prospectors offered their services to mines outside the Keep for fair payment. We forged some sturdy partnerships too… but soon enough, Humans and Elves cut costs by doing the same thing Vath did.

The mountain is literally marbled with veins of precious materials. Gold, diamonds, even stones mages can amplify their spell casting with. You name it! Our mountain is special. You can liken these veins to the blood vessels in your own body, and the spirit of the mountain offers its lifeblood up in exchange for protection. They'll never run dry as long as we respect the mountain.

The mountain offers riches beyond compare, but the Dwarven people tell tales of how the mountain swallows greed. We're careful to not overmine, and give the excess to the needy. You helped free us from Vath, so we trust that greed won't get the better of you. Others? Not so much. Until the Chaos Dragonlord arrived, Dwarfhold held strong, and repelled invaders that sought the mountain's lifeblood.

- Dwarfhold Merge
- Bro Nez & Ty Tanium's Quests

Location: Dwarfhold Keep

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