Bring Them Back


«Scene: Z and the Hero at the Alice in Chains concert - the Banshee appears in black flame behind the band»

Hero: Ok, so, now we've got all these dead songs.
Hero: I'm guessing the next thing we have to do is try to bring them back to life.

Z: Right again!

Hero: But… how do we do that?

Z: Hmm. Why don't we ask our guests? Their music is legendary!
Z: If anyone would know the answer to that question, it's them!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero and Z backstage with AIC»

Hero: You guys are an award-winning band. You've been making music for decades!
Hero: If fear, insecurity, envy and greed are the things that kill songs…
Hero: do you get past all of that and finish them anyway?

William: Really, you just have to find what matters most to you, and that's a personal thing.
William: No one else can tell you what that answer is.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero outside in the concert crowd»

Hero: So, it's different for every person. I guess that makes sense.
Hero: Maybe I just need to figure out.. what it is that makes me believe in myself?

«The next song starts and the Banshee appears on the center screen behind the band. Werewolves appear in the crowd»

Hero: Looks like I'm about to find out!

«Scene fades»

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