Brightoak Burns


«Scene: Hero and Ravinos, speaking after quelling Gaiazor, in a burning forest»

Ravinos: With Gaiazor quelled, Brightoak may stand a chance.

Hero: Our efforts may repel Nevanna, but the World Tree is poisoned beyond repair.

Ravinos: I acknowledge the battle is far from over, but any victory regardless of how small is a blessing right now.

«Scene fades»

«Scene changes to Nevanna»

Nevenna: You can't kill the Earth Titan without fully crushing its spirit.
Nevenna: Your little skirmish simply provoked my Gaiazor enough for it to wiggle free of the mana portal's hold.
Nevenna: No creature on Lore can match it's strength.

«Gaiazor is liberated from the mana portal's hold and begins attacking, with Nevanna riding on its head»

«Scene fades to white»

Nevenna: Surrender now - before it is too late.

«Scene fades»

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