Naval Commander Trainer
Hello there, Mate! Ye thinkin’ of joining the Naval Commanders? It ain’t all bad, I promise ye that. Don’t mind the accent too much. Huntin’ pirates and well, you’re bound to pick up SOME of the lingo and dialect, no?

What is a Naval Commander?
The bane of all pirates and scallywags everywhere, the heroic naval commander specializes in hunting and chasing down notorious and wanted pirates. They are the ones who keep law and order in check on the high seas.

How to get?
To become a Naval Commander, every Talk Like a Pirate Day(September), you’ll have a chance to purchase the class for Adventure Coins at /Lolosia.

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Lucky, Thief.
Naval Commanders fight at their best when they fight with their crew, their pistol skills deal more damage with more allies affected by Commander's Rally.

Location: Class Hall B


Thanks to Bad.

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