Breakroom Finale


«Scene: Birthday Party!»

«Screen zooms at Alina, the Hero, Artix and Cysero»

Artix: Happy 4th Birthday, Hero! Thank you for saving Artix Entertainment from EbilCorp.
Artix: We knew you would not let us down; battling together, we can defeat ANY enemy!

«Screen moves to Dage and Cysero pops out from no where holding a hamster»

Cysero: And savor the sweet, sweet taste of birthday victory-cake.
Cysero: Even the server hamsters win when it's your birthday!

«Screen moves to Samba and Stratos»

Samba: Watch out, <hero>!

«The Hero looks behind»

«A flying cake almost hit the hero»

«Screen moves to Dage and Sora to Hoshi»

«Sora to Hoshi sterns at Dage»

Dage: Sorry, aiming for Diozz!

«Screen moves back to Alina, the Hero, Artix and Cysero»

Hero: That does it! I didn't battle millions of EbilCorp minions to get a birthday party in the Secret Underground Lab…

«Screen moves to Alina and the Hero and»

«Galanoth comes out of no where and brings a slice of cake»

Hero: And leave without a cake fight! Galanoth, you DID say there'd be cake.

«Galanoth hands over the slice of cake»

Alina: You wanted cake, and you'll get it!

«Screen moves to Artix and Cysero»

«Cysero munching a slice of cake»

Cysero: It's YOUR party, <hero>. Dibs the frosting cannon!

«Screen zooms out»


«The Hero and Artix zoomed out of the screen»

Artix: Together, we will defeat any challenge the comes our way.
Artix: Battling alongside a champion like you, there is nothing that can stop us!

«Screen fades»

«Happy 4th Birthday from Artix Entertainment!»

«Scene fades»

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