Puckish Pixie
Hey, mister? Lady? Sorry, with you humans it's hard to tell. I saw you here before, though, didn't l? Or maybe it was just your friends. I remember that blue one, though. She's hard to forget.
You're here for that other one, aren't you? The one that stayed behind. You're gonna take her back, right? I know how to help her, if that's what you want.

YOU know? How?
Sure. Grownups don't pay attention to little kids. They'll say all kinds Of stuff no one is supposed to hear. But I listen, and I remember it, too. Don't you underestimate me!

- Sheesh, I'm sorry!

- Bramblebite's Quests

After completing the 'Let 'em Loose' quest:

Puckish Pixie
Ha! Did you see their faces? What a bunch of losers!

During the 'Feed Bramblebite' quest:

Puckish Pixie

- Take That!

After completing the 'Feed Bramblebite' quest:

Puckish Pixie
Hrmph. They really can't take a joke, can they.

- Bramblebite's Quests

After completing the 'Break Out' quest:

Puckish Pixie
Man, I never get to have any fun. Maybe next year… as long as this has worn off!

- Bramblebite's Quests

Location: Masquerade

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