DoomKnight Overlord
Aaaah, the shadows. Those such as I feel most at home in the dark - we do not fear the shadows as most do. The DoomBlade that we use helps us to control the very shadows around us, but there is an even more powerful version. Do you have the strength, the darkness to wield the Necrotic Blade of Doom? I will make one for you, IF you can pass my tests.

Fast Travel
There are many monsters that you will need to slay. The Darkness can be kind to those who would serve her, and will transport you where you need to go.

- Time Space
- Citadel
- Greenguardwest
- Mudluk
- AQlesson
- Necrocavern
- Hachiko
- Timevoid
- Dragonchallenge
- Maul

- Braeus' Quests
- Necrotic Blade Badge
- Necrotic Sword of Doom (Shop)

Location: Shadowfall
Note: Must be Level 60 or higher in order to access this NPC.

Thanks to rickyb20.

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