Bow-Jangles' Quests


Quest Location: Frostvale
Quests Begun From: Bow-Jangles
Note: These quests can only be completed once.

The first vict- I mean naughty-doer is Scarletta. It shouldn't surprise you, should it? With everything she's done for eternal beauty, she deserves what's coming to her. Even though she technically did pay for it in the end, I think it's good to revisit her to make sure she's learned her lesson, don't you think?

Items Required:


  • 5,000 Gold
  • 17,000 Exp

Requirements: Must have completed the 'A Finale to Remember' quest.

Still up for punishing the wicked, are you? Don't worry, it won't be some big baddie. Maybe. It will be things even YOU can handle! Here you go, here's a list. Make sure you check it twice, then go after the Golden Warrior and Maximilian Lionfang in /goldenruins.

Items Required:


  • 2,500 Gold
  • 2,500 Exp


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