Jingle's Sister
Hi there, "Hero"! What's wrong? Not a fan of elves? Don't worry, I won't bite. You haven't given me a reason to so you're safe with me! But there are beings out there. Beings and monsters who deserve to be bitten. And bitten hard. You would agree, wouldn't you? I'm sure you've seen some nasty baddies.

You remind me of Jingles…
I sure hope I do! Jingles is my brother. The resemblance is uncanny, I know I also know what you did to him. But don't worry, I'm nothing like him! In fact, I want you to help me to punish the evil monsters out in the world. Instead of coal, they will get something they are very sure to remember for next year. That is, if they are still standing to be here for next year.

- Bow-Jangles' Quests

After completing the 'A Finale to Remember' quest:

Jingle's Sister
Wow, can you believe we dished out all that punishment? Of course we didn't reach everyone who was naughty but let us serve as a warning to anyone wishing to be bad and naughty person. That they better watch out, and they better not cry when Bow-Jangles comes to town…

What will you do now?
Our work is never done but if you also gained a craving for justice, then we can continue to make a very red Frostval!

- Bow-Jangles' Quests
- Bow-Jangles Merge

Location: Frostvale
Note: Also see Jingles (Monster).


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