Born Evil




Aurelio Voltaire: Ah, Camp Gonnagetcha! My favorite place to get in touch with nature!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: A still lake, reflecting everything like a mirror.»

Aurelio Voltaire: Home of the crystal-blue Lake Gonnagetcha…

«Scene fades»

«Scene: A forest with a dense fog.»

Aurelio Voltaire: …the lush, green Gonnagetcha Forest…

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Cysero, Memet, Voltaire, and the Hero are circled around a campfire.»

Aurelio Voltaire:** …and its very own ambigiously-supernatural slasher, Shrade!

Hero: Come on, man. We've all heard that urban legend. But that's all it is!
Hero: Shrade isn't REAL.

Aurelio Voltaire: Oh, but he IS!
Aurelio Voltaire: And I can tell you the story of how he came to be.

«Zoom in to Voltaire as the campfire creates shadows on his face.»

Aurelio Voltaire: Shrade was BORN evil.
Aurelio Voltaire: He killed his own mother at the age of 6…
Aurelio Voltaire: but, being such a young child, he wasn't taken seriously as a suspect.
Aurelio Voltaire: Emboldened by his ability to get away with such a terrible crime, he began to attack local children.
Aurelio Voltaire: The police could never prove it was him. But the parents KNEW.
Aurelio Voltaire: And they burned him alive to protect the children.
Aurelio Voltaire: Some people say he survived.
Aurelio Voltaire: Others say that he came back as a lich, still burned from the fire he died in.

«Cysero is trembling in fear, while Memet is blocking her ears.»

Aurelio Voltaire: Whatever the case, the killings have continued—right here at Camp Gonnagetcha!

«Zoom out to the campfire circle.»

Aurelio Voltaire: And those few who have survived say that he wears a mask to cover his scarred face.

Hero: So, there's a LICH stalking this camp?
Hero: Come on. If that were true, Artix would have slain it by now.

«The Hero scratches his head.»

Hero: (…and probably dragged me along with him.)

«Our campers jump as if they sensed something. Cysero and Memet look more frightened than ever. Voltaire looks concerned.»

Cysero: What was THAT?

Aurelio Voltaire: It was SHRADE. He's claimed another victim!

Hero: Someone could be seriously hurt! We'd better go check it out.

«Scene fades»

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