Booty Battle



«Scene: Hero, with Treasure Chest, lifts it and drops it, Hargoyle huggles it, Voltaire chuckling, and Deady.. Well, he's also in the scene»

Voltaire: Wow! You found the buried treasure! Thanks for doing my… dirty work…

«Von Poach comes up to them»

Von Poach: Yo ho ho… thank ye so much fer findin' me buried treasure. And yer Hargoyle there be mine, too! Now, hand over me booty!

Hero: Hah… he said booty…

Voltaire: I know right? And this is supposed to be a kids game…

Von Poach: Ye be seein' who gets the last laugh when me be finished with ye sniveling landlubbers!

«Voltaire pulls out his guitar»

Voltaire: Well that's my cue…Get your battle on while I rock out!

«Scene fades»

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