Book of Lore (Old)

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This ancient book is ever changing, ever expanding, and filled to the brim with typos, grammatical errors and the occasional food stain. It will aid you in your adventures and grow in power with you.

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The adventure of a life time is etched onto these pages with magical ink.

The Story


Completing quests and achievements will unlock special badges!

Willow Creek
Aria's Pet Shop
Bludrut Keep
Dragon's Lair
Guru Swamp


Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

Adventurer - Create a character and start your adventure in Battleon
Beta - You helped test AQWorlds! (Unlocks Beta Shop) raresmall.png
Founders - You are a Founder in AQWorlds! raresmall.png
First Upholder - You were in AQWorlds first birthday! raresmall.png
Second Upholder - You were in AQWorlds second birthday! raresmall.png
Third Upholder - You were in AQWorlds third birthday! raresmall.png
Fourth Upholder - An honorable award presented to those that help supported AQWorlds on our 4th Birthday on October 10,2012! Thank you for celebrating with us! (Unlocks 4th Upholder)
Dragon Hero - Upgrade within 72 hours of account creation, Unlocks Dragon Hero Shop
Axe Master - Purchase at least 3 months of membership to unlock this badge. Also unlocks the 3 Month Legend Shop
Chaos Shaper - Purchase at least 15 months of membership to unlock this badge. Also unlocks the 15 Month Legend Shop
VIP - Awarded to anyone who has supported AQW with a 12 month membership since July 21st, 2011, or had an active year membership at the time. Also unlocks the VIP Upgrade Shop
Elite Newb - Complete the Noobshire quest chain
Undead Assault - Complete the Swordhaven quest chain
Chew Toy - Complete Pet shop quest chain in Battleon Town (Aria's Pet Shoppe)
Swamp Guru - Complete Guru Forest quests
Dragon's Bane - Complete Vasalkar's Lair quests
Living Shadow - Complete Mazumi's ninja quest chain in Greenguard (West)
Bludrut - Complete the Bludrut Keep quest chain
Citadel - Complete the Citadel quest chain
Willow Creek (Previously called "Up Willow Creek") - Complete the Willow Creek quest chain
Chaos Witness - Watch the Chaos Intro cutscene
Hydrated - Complete the Mobius quest chain
Escherion (Was called "1st Lord of Chaos") - Defeat Escherion in Mobius
Champion of Good - Complete King Alteon (NPC)'s quests in Swordhaven
Champion of Evil - Complete Gravelyn (NPC)'s quests in Shadowfall
Hero - Choose to align with Good
Villain - Choose to align with Evil
You Roc! - Defeat the Rock Roc (Monster) in Rock Roc (Location)
Vath - Defeat Vath in Stalagbite (Location)
Bone Fide - Defeat O-dokuro in Odokuro
Kitsune - Defeat Kitsune in Kitsune's Lair
Hero's Heart - Complete Jim's quests in Love seasonalsmall.png
Dracowerepyre - Defeat Dracowerepyre in The Chaos Cave
Wolfwing - Defeat Wolfwing in Wolfwing's Lair
Pony Trainer - Defeat Pony Gary Yellow in Lorestockapalooza
Khaotic Kimberly - Defeat Kimberly in Lorestockapalooza
Mana Golem - Defeat the Mana Golem in Ruins of Great Gilead
Ledgermayne - Defeat Ledgermayne in Elemental
Ctrl Alt Del- Recover Ethan's Crown in Game Haven
Nythera's Wedding - Complete all "Test of the Suitor" in Void Temple raresmall.png
Chaos Sphinx - Defeat Chaos Sphinx in Sand Castle
Tibicenas - Defeat Chaos Lord Tibicenas (Monster) (Level 40) to unlock this badge in Djinn
Stone Cold - Free the Stone Paladin Guardian from his imprisonment.
Arc Attack - Awarded to those who helped the band ArcAttack test their shocking musical experiments on Vordred.
TMBG Birthday Event - Awarded for defeating the Doppleganger of They and helping John F. and John L. escape.
You are a Giant - Awarded for defeating The Collector (Monster) during the AQW third birthday event.
Desoloth Freed - Awarded for defeating Desoloth in the Dragon Realm
Gruaige Baas - Take on the Gruaige Baas, a monster out of Ravine legend! Defy its stony stare and deprive Drakath of another link to Chaos!
Chaos vs. Chaos - Earn this badge by defeating the Bloodtusk Saga
Magic Thief - You have stopped Pettivox and Drakath from tainting all of Lore's magic with Chaos The Magic Thief event!
Ultra-Caranx - You and your team look down Ultra-Caranx Victory is yours!
AVAST! - You unlocked this badge by completing all of Quibble's Talk Like a Pirate Day quests! ARRR!
J6's Wedding - You unlocked this badge for helping j6 in 'the Marriage of J6: A Wedding In Three Acts'
Alina & Rolith Wedding - You unlocked this badge for helping Alina and Rolith find the time to get married to each other in "Time After Time"!
Committed - You helped One-Eyed Doll and Cysero escape the clutches of Dr. De'Sawed!
Friday13th - Get Voltaire (NPC)'s autograph at a Friday the 13th event raresmall.png
Kung Food Fighter - Kung Food Fight at the Harvest Event seasonalsmall.png
Moglin Punter - You must get punt a moglin 100 yards to unlock this badge. (Score 100 on Punt Twilly) seasonalsmall.png
PTR Tester - Help the AE team test a new AQW engine on the Public Test Realm server. raresmall.png
PTR Lag Tester - Help the AE team to test a new AQW engine to reduce the lag. Awarded to active AQW Members who helped the team test and reduce the lag in AQW.
PTR Guild - Awarded to active AQW members who helped the team test Guilds Phase 1.
Cysero's Wedding - Help Cysero forge a ring for Nursey at Cysero's Wedding raresmall.png
Eye Was There! - Participated in One-Eyed Doll (Live) raresmall.png
Lorestockpalooza End! - Reach the end of Lorestockapalooza
Stubborn Truly Stubborn - Truly believe you are in control of Twig's Nightmare. (Going right 10 100 times in screen 3 of Twig's Nightmare in the August 2010 Friday 13th)
Reinforced - Help the paladins in Doomwood slay many undead. (Defeat 100 undead in Screen 4 in Doomwood Forest)
Sky Pirate Slayer - Help the Skyguard in defeating 100 skypirates in Screen 22 in Strategy Dept.
Unicorn Commander - Help Voltaire save Etherstorm and tame his Black Unicron
Cornelis Reborn - Help Cornelis rise again to unlock this badge
Derp Moosefish - Does this badge really prove that you, who have claimed to have found the amazingly rare Derp Moosefish, are not crazy?
Derp Lim - Why would Lim be angry?
Gravelyn's Warrior - You've trained 100 undead for the Alliance. (Defeat 100 undead in Screen 12 in Shadowfall)
Kingfisher - You must master Fishing to unlock this badge.
Level 5 - Get to level 5
Level 10 - Get to level 10
Level 15 - Get to level 15
Level 20 - Get to level 20
Level 30 - Get to level 30
Level 40 - Get to level 40
Goldenaire - Obtain 1 million gold
Spaced Out- Buy 75 bag slots to unlock this badge
Maxed out- Buy all bag slots to unlock this badge
Human Vault - Buy 40 bank slots
Inhuman Vault - Buy 60 bank slots
Superhuman Vault- Buy 250 Bank Slots
Fear Chaser - Help Ayi Jihu defeat Fear at the Concert raresmall.pngBeta Char:
Beta Character - You earned this badge for creating your character during AQ Worlds beta testing phase! raresmall.png


This area is for showing off your involvement in all our crazy games and stuff!

Chuckles raresmall.png
AdventureQuest Guardian
DragonFable DragonLord
MechQuest Star Captain
MechQuest Artbook raresmall.png
Deady Shop raresmall.png
Voltaire House Items Shop raresmall.png
Chicken Cow Shop raresmall.png
Critical Hits vol. 1
The Dragon's Secret
Year of the Moglin raresmall.png
Cyber Hunter
Card Clasher
Card House
Deady Big In Japan raresmall.png
Urkor Malravenous
Chaos Mod Pack
Doomwood Mod Pack
PaladinSlayer Gear
ChronoCorruptor raresmall.png
Paladin HighLord
DoomKnight OverLord
Battle Wyvern
J6 T-Shirt raresmall.png
Deady Bunee raresmall.png
Doom Starter Package legendsmall.png raresmall.png
Coffee Dragon Print raresmall.png
Xan Poster
Good Heroes of Lore Poster
Rx for Destruction (Does not appear in your Book of Lore unless you've redeemed your PIN code from your Artix Scratch-Off Card purchased from any CVS Pharmacy in the U.S.) raresmall.png
ShadowScythe Mousepad
Golden Plate Package legendsmall.png
FlameStop raresmall.png
Death Bunny Nitro
Bullseye raresmall.png
Dage vs Nulgath Deluxe Print
Platinum Dragon Axe
Zorbak Shirt (Shop)


All the events that happened in the world of Lore are recorded here.
Note: These are cutscenes.
Chaos Twins
The Plan
Cysero and Warlic
Golden Onslaught
Great Escape
Battle at Mount Frost
Cysero's Wedding
Campfire Tales
Brain Slimes
Brain Slimes Defeated
Pretty Pink Ebil
Magic Words
Nightmare on Twig Street
George Lowe-viathan
George Lowe Leaves
To the Mirror Realm
Enter Battleoff
Warlic's Science Shop
Queen of Werewolves
Nugget Man
Alteon's Champion
Undead Artix Defeated
Birthday Finale
Not Getting Married
A Tie with Artix
Shattered Gauntlet
Working Together



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