Book of Lore

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The 13 Lords of CHAOS!

Swordhaven War
Chiral Valley
Yokai Island
Mythsong Valley
The Sandsea
Bloodtusk Ravine (Horc)
Bloodtusk Ravine (Troll)
The Span
Mirror Realm
Chaos Finale


A Champion's Adventures!


Achievements, HeroMart & More!

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Membership & AdventureCoins!

Members get the best of the game! As long as you are an AQW Member you get access to every activearea in the game, special pets, classes, armors,helms, capes, weapons, houses, and many, many more amazing perks in the game!

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- Member Perks!

AdventureCoins allow you to purchase a number of items in AQWorlds including rare armors, items and boosts. They also allow you to save time when earning reputation in quest areas and trade skills like fishing and potion making!

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New Classes, Enhancements & More!

In AdventureQuest Worlds you can become anything you can imagine. Do you want to be a stealthy Ninja, a fearsome Berserker, a magic-wielding Mage, or a psychic MindBreaker? Maybe you want to master the Blood Ancient's vampiric abilities, or maybe you'd rather be a Bard and use music as your weapon! You could control time as a Chronomancer or control death itself as a dark Necromancer! Why not master EVERY CLASS?!

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You can learn more about new classes, enhancing your items to make them more powerful, new badges to show off on your character page and a lot more in the Lorepedia. It's an amazing reference guide for new players and old pros alike where you can find tons of useful information about AQWorlds.

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For the old version, see the Book of Lore (Old) page.

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