Hero: …25, 26, 27…
Hero: Man, what a haul! I can't believe how much Mogloween candy I got this year!
Hero: …28, 29, 30, 31…

???: 01100010 01101111 01101111 00100001 00001010!!!

Hero: …32, 33, 34! 34 fun-size Moglin Bars, wow!
Hero: Not cool, trying to interrupt my candy counting!
Hero: Who's under there, anyway?


Hero: Seriously? Come on.
Hero: Oh, hey, J6! Having a good Mogloween?

J6: I'd be having a lot more fun if everyone wasn't so hard to scare these days!
J6: A few years ago, this would have had people wetting their pants. But now? Nothing.

Hero: Aw, I'm sorry, man.
Hero: After all these years of fighting monsters, I guess I just don't find ghosts and goblins so scary anymore.

J6: Hmm. Understandable.
J6: But if monsters no longer scare peopole, that means I need to tap into their more primal fears.
J6: I think I have an idea.

Hero: So, wait - you want me to do what, now?

J6: I need you to get me onto people's heads.

Hero: Just jam you right on there?

J6: Sure. I'd do it myself, but at the moment, I'm just a helmet.
J6: They'll probably manage to get me off pretty quickly…
J6: …but I'll only need to stay on for a few seconds to scan their thoughts, and extract their greatest fears.

Hero: What are you going to do then?

J6: Once I have enough data, I'm going to use it to build the ULTIMATE haunted house…
J6: …and Mogloween will finally be scary again!
J6: Doesn't that sound like fun?

Hero: You know, it actually does. It's been a long time since I had a good scare!
Hero: Let's do it!

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