Bonus Cutscene


«Black screen»

deep below the Necropolis…

«The screen shakes as rubble falls onto Lilyandra's forest beneath the Necropolis. Shadow Imps look on.»

Lilyandra: Oh no…

«The protective dome over the forest begins to flicker.

Lilyandra: The necropolis is caving in…
Lilyandra: my protective magic isn't strong enough!

«The dome disappears.»

Lilyandra: I vowed to protect what is left of this forest with my magic and my life.

«Shadow imps advance on the forest and Lilyandra backs away»

Lilyandra: Just because things look impossibly grim, I must remember to…

«A Shadow Imp raises it claw to attack, but the Hero rolls in and knocks it away.»

Hero: …to NEVER GIVE UP!

Lilyandra: <Hero>!!! You came back! Just like you promised!

Hero: Yes, Lilyandra…
Hero: ..and I brought a whole lot of "HOPE" along with me.

«The screen zooms out to reveal Artix, Rolith, Gravelyn (holding Noxus' head on a staff), Cysero, and Alina all standing behind the Hero and Lilyandra.»

All: BATTLE ON!!!!!

«Scene fades»

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