Blue Sneevils


«Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

Fhaux: So the key was really around the giant's neck?

Dayna: How did you get it off?!

Hero: Well, I didn't… but that comes a little later.

«Close up of Hero»

Hero: I couldn't just leave the villagers there. I knew I had to try something to get them out!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hero standing next to the trapped villagers in the giant's house»

Hero: I have to try something to get you out!

Skynner: There might be a way.
Skynner: When I was a child I heard stories of the land of the giants.

«Close up of Skynner»

Skynner: The stories told of a tribe of blue sneevils that only existed up here. They were called Smuurvils.

«Scene changes to the Hero»

Hero: Oh, I see what you're getting at. If I can capture this village of Smuurvils…
Hero: …Then I can feed them to the giant and he'll be too full to eat you guys!

«Scene zooms out»

Skynner: *blink blink*
Skynner: NO! That's horrible!
Skynner: I was going to say that Smuurvils are legendary potion makers.
Skynner: You and Jack can probably find all the ingredients to make a Knock-Out potion strong enough to work on a giant somewhere in their village!

Hero: Oh, I see where you're going.
Hero: Then we give the potion to the first villager he decides to eat.
Hero: That person bravely leaps into the giant's mouth, dies horribly and the rest of you get away!

Skynner: What is WRONG with you?!

«Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

Cysero: Ya know, when re-telling a story… MOST people would probably LEAVE OUT the bits that make themselves look nutty.
Cysero: I gotta respect your honesty.

Hero: The village elder suggested that we slip the potion into the giant's soup once we'd gathered all the ingredients.

«Close up of Hero»

Hero: So Jack and I made our way to the Smuurvil Village…

«Scene fades»

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