Blue Jerk


«Scene: the defeated escaped experiment shrinks and turns into Memet»

Memet: AUGH! Zorbak, you jerk!

«Scene zooms out to show the Hero»

Hero: …What?

Memet: All of this is his fault!
Memet: I lost a bet with him, and now HE'S the Nightmare Moglin!

Hero: That was kind of a dumb thing to bet.

Memet: Look, it was only supposed to be for like, a week.
Memet: I figured I could use a break, anyway. But he took over! He's not giving it back!
Memet: That blue mold you're seeing everywhere? That's HIM!
Memet: Or, well… it's the physical manifestation of his spreading influence in the nightmare realm.
Memet: He controls everything here, now.

«Scene: close up of Wistar-287»

Memet: …ALMOST everything.

Wistar-287: Oh, my! I remember it all now!
Wistar-287: That was my mission: get <Hero> here.
Wistar-287: Destroy every trace of Zorbak's influence.
Wistar-287: …and free Memet from his control.

«Scene zooms out, showing the Hero and Memet»

Hero: Why do YOU get to be the exception?

Wistar-287: Memet created me as a failsafe before Zorbak took over…
Wistar-287: Small, unimportant, beneath his notice.
Wistar-287: My mind became fogged from his influence…
Wistar-287: …but my mission was too strongly imprinted. It continued.

Hero: But… what about you?

Memet: I'm considerably LESS beneath his notice.
Memet: When you got here and started burning the blue mold, it damaged his hold over the nightmare realm.
Memet: So… I guess he put me in your way to try and stop you. (Sorry!)

Hero: How could he even DO that, though?

Zorbak: MEH HEH HEH!
Zorbak: Because I'm in charge now, that's how!

«Scene shifts to show Zorbak standing in the room»

Zorbak: And Memet is just another dream in my gigantic nightmare toybox!

Memet: That wasn't the deal at all, you blue jerk!
Memet: I was supposed to get a vacation, not be used as your lackey!

Zorbak: MEH HEH HEH! You should have known better than to trust me!
Zorbak: You'd better get used to it, because this is how it's going to be from now on!

Memet: Like heck! I'm gonna pummel you!

Zorbak: Hmm… nope.

«Zorbak raises his staff and vanishes Memet»

Hero: Hey! Where's she go?

Zorbak: MEH HEH HEH! Wouldn't you like to know?

Hero: Fine, you know what – I'm not a nightmare! I'LL pummel you!

«Scene: close up of Zorbak»

Zorbak: Yeah? Good luck with that, kid.

«Zorbak glows red and starts expanding in size»


«Scene: Zorbak has grown so large that he has broken through the lab and now is on the moon's surface»


«Scene: the Hero and Wistar-287 inside the lab»

Hero: Oh no! How am I going to defeat him now?
Hero: Wait a minute… this is a dream. I can do whatever I want!

«The Hero grows to match Zorbak's size. Also, Memet is an asteroid.»


Hero: Come at me, Zorbak!

Memet: Yeah! Get him, <Hero>!
Memet: I don't want to be an asteroid forever!

«Scene fades»

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