Bloopy (NPC)

Aria's Answering Fish
Welcome to my pet shop! We are just opening… again… is anyone else having deja vu?

Bring a Moglin?
Twilly wants to journey alongside you, Hero! But before he can leave for your adventures, he'll need a new stock of medicinal herbs. Battle the Frogzards in the Nexus to get what he needs. He'll turn the Feverbane Blossoms into a vial of Feverbane. Once you have 30 vials, he'll be ready to travel with you!
- Aria's Quests
- Moglin Pets
- To the Nexus!

New Plants?
Oh, you noticed! They're nice, aren't they? Recently, I started feeling this… need to have more green and growing things around me. It just feels better, you know? For so long, all the pets were my closest companions, but I never realized that flowers and trees can be friendly, too!

- Aria's Quests
- Pets of Lore Quests
- Aria's Pet Shop

Location: Battleon Town
Note: This NPC replaces Aria (NPC) after completing the Reshaper Saga.


Thanks to Tris.

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