Blood and Meat and Bile


«Scene: the Hero stands next to Zognax's cage. Zognax is sitting a pile of dirt from the Rift»

Zognax: Ohhh. That is better.

«Zognax picks up a pile of dirt»

Zognax: Zognax can breathe again. Feels stronger already.

Hero: Does this mean Extriki… doesn't hate us? He's just trying to survive in a world that's poisoning him… like you.

Zognax: Hee hee hee…
Zognax: Oh, no. It hates you.
Zognax: No. Not hate.
Zognax: Revulsion. Lore, and all of its inhabitants are… repulsive to it. Nauseating.
Zognax: You smell of blood, and meat, and bile.
Zognax: Extriki intends to exterminate you all. As you would exterminate an infestation of roaches.
Zognax: And it will. Its poison will seep into the ground, and change it. Cleanse it.
Zognax: The first step in terraforming the world for our colonization.

Hero: We will never let that happen.

Zognax: Hee hee hee!
Zognax: But it will! Extriki is not like Zognax, you see.
Zognax: It is one of the Queen's first children, and has the power of ancient beings, older than time.
Zognax: You cannot stop it. At best, you would be a momentary setback.

Hero: We'll see about that!

«Scene fades»

Zognax: Yes. We will.

«Scene: the Queen of Monsters in a dark room - her eyes are glowing blue»

Queen of Monsters: Yes…..

«Scene fades»

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