Blinding Light of Destiny (NPC)

Artix's Axe
Hero! It’s me, Artix! I am talking to you through my axe again. But please do not talk back - you are the only one who can hear me, and we do NOT want people to think you have lost your mind! I know you do not remember training Stellaria and Asherion, so I am here to guide you while you train my youngest son, Kyger. Do not worry! You will do great.

- Blinding Light of Destiny's Quests

After completing the 'Lesson 6: Searching' quest:

Artix's Axe
It is time! Help Kyger test his skills against Sir Kut. Fighting a former Pactagonal Knight will give him the confidence he needs to defeat the High Technolich. Remember, never give up… and BATTLE ON!

- Blinding Light of Destiny's Quests

Location: Stonewood Forest


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