Blightbringer Falls


«Scene: the Blightbringer. Blightbringer gets a green ball of energy from a fallen Undead. Scene changes to the Hero (Rand) and Dage the Evil in the Underworld»

Dage The Evil: You knew what you would see here. You know what to do.

«Hero (Rand) backstabs the Blightbringer. Hero (Rand) takes a green ball of energy from the Blightbringer.»

Dage The Evil (thinking): I didn't sense THIS kind of power!
Dage The Evil (thinking): I just got rid of one competitor. I will NOT allow another to rise.

«Dage the Evil kills the Hero (Rand) and takes their soul. The Hero (Rand) falls to the ground.»

Dage The Evil: With the strength of this soul…
Dage The Evil: Binding it to me would make me unstoppable!

«The Hero (Rand) gets back up, now undead.»

Hero (Rand): What did you DO to me?!

Dage The Evil: You were strong. I need your strength. I killed you.
Dage The Evil: I bound your soul to my power. Your strength is mine.

Hero (Rand): I'm… undead? I -

Dage The Evil: Undead, but not mindless. I do not need another empty soldier.
Dage The Evil: You can think and plan. You can lead.
Dage The Evil: YOU are the first soldier in my Undead Legion. My first General.

«Dage and Rand stare each other down»

«Dage The Evil attacks Hero (Rand) with blue flames»

Hero (Rand): I HATE the undead! You KNEW that! You betrayed me!
Hero (Rand): And you stil… You KILLED me! I will NEVER serve you.

Dage The Evil: You resist, and I feel it. No pain, just… acceptance. I have to study this. Exploit it.
Dage The Evil: YOU will serve. Follow loyalty, recruit, or be replaced.
Dage The Evil: There are more like you. A whole WORLD of people like you… just waiting to be led.
Dage The Evil: And soon, THEY will be mine, too!

«Scene fades»

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