Enforcer/Rustbucket/Protosartorium Class Trainer
Forged by the Mithril Man in the Dwakel Crash Site, these three classes are powerful, experimental mecha-warriors that can launch powerful attacks and barrage many enemies at once.

How to get?
Enforcer class is dropped by Mithril Man in /crashsite. Rustbucket is rewarded from the 'Protosartorium Parts' quest in /crashsite. Protosartorium is dropped by the Protosartorium monster in /crashsite, and is Legend Only.

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How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Lucky, Hybrid
These are hybrid DPS classes that rely on both AP and spell power. Jackhammer will never miss (but never crit), but you’ll quickly run out of mana if you use it too often. Arc Lightning gets stronger with each target it hits. And Event Horizon can mitigate incoming damage from targets that have aggroed on you.

Location: Class Hall A
Note: Also see ProtoSartorium (Monster).

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