Blazebeard Doused



Hero: It's over, Blazebeard!

Zereldo: The damage you've done will son be reversed.

Blazebeard: You! You be that mage who got himself lost at sea all those moons ago. I thought I sent you and your crew to Davey Jones' Locker!

Zereldo: I survived. And I'm no mere mage anymore. I've adopted some of your ways for myself.

Blazebeard: I can see that. You stand much stronger than you once were. But don't take me for a fool.
Blazebeard: You're not the only one who can learn new tricks. I've picked up a few from you as well.

Zereldo: Great. He got away.

Hero: Wait a second. I thought you couldn't cast elemental spells. How'd you cast that fire ball?

Zereldo: I can't cast elemental spells. I used this.
Zereldo: It's a specially made pistol that fires out elementium bullets. I get someone else to charge them with elemental energy, and then I can fire out spells on the go.

Hero: That's pretty cool.
Hero: But it looks like Blazebeard is still out there… With magic now too. Would you like me to search for him with you.

Zereldo: That is worrying. Although with two of his ships gone and most of his crew missing I don't think he's that much of a threat anymore.
Zereldo: Besides there are other people who need your help more.

Hero: Yeah, a hero's work is never done. But what about you Zereldo? What will you do now?

Zereldo: I plan to set sail and recover the research that Blazebeard stole long ago. And find him to bring him to justice.
Zereldo: That and finish the work on my pirate mage ship and try to lead that expedition again successfully. Maybe one day we could sail together.

Hero: I'd like that. Now as a reward… How about training me to be a pirate mage? I'd really like one of those cool magic pistols.

Zereldo: Nice try but you're not yet ready.
Zereldo: However, I can teach you how to be a true pirate.
Zereldo: Also if you still have questions feel free to ask.
Zereldo: We have all the time in the world to go over the answers… until the next call for help comes in, that is!

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