Birthday Sword and AQW Artist
Heeeeey you! Yeah, you. Yes, I'm a talking sword, and yes, it's my birthday. Just like the title says. So I've got gear for you, but because it's my birthday, we all need to have a little ful fun. So YOU are going to hunt for the gear, and I'm going to watch you try to figure out the clues for where to hunt. Happy birthday to us all!

Birthday Clues
Read the Clue to find the monster dropping Blade's gear
We all get banished every now and then, right? Me? I got banished for making… Something. A creature. He's TOTALLY nice, though. Aside from the laying eggs in your face and eating your insides part. He really just wants a hug. Good ol' Fred.

Well well well, what do we have here? You might want to cover your face down here, you might find some nightmares…. And smells.

You know what gets me in the spirit for Frostvale? Pointy knives and pointy hats. And terrifying the children of Lore.


Note: Also see Evolution of Blade.

Thanks to Harrison and Tristyn.

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