Black Ice



Mt. Bleakwind

Dage The Evil: Ah, Winter! My favorite season.
Dage The Evil: The time of year when the world is grey and everything withers and dies.
Dage The Evil: The trees lose their leaves, all of the cute animals hibernate, everything’s covered in ice and-

«Scene: Moglin appears»

«Dage The Evil holds the Moglin»

Dage The Evil: Oh, yes – that's right!
Dage The Evil: Winter is also the time of year that brings everyone together!

Nippy: !!!

Dage The Evil: A time for friendship and giving.
Dage The Evil: Thank you, little moglin.

«Dage throws Nippy far away»

Dage The Evil: You've shown me what I have to do to make this season truly magnificent!

«Scene: Hero and Yorumi celebrating»

Hero: The Frostval celebration this year is really superb!

Yorumi: It is! The Frostval cookies are extra sweet, the Moglinberry Cider is extra fizzy…

Yuki: It is? Yum! You want to dip me in the punchbowl so I can try some?

Yorumi: Yuki! That isn't sanitary!

Yuki: What? I'm clean! I washed my face this morning!

Hero: Face?

Yorumi: …Blade.

Blizzy: And Blizzy can't believe how calm it's been!
Blizzy: Normally by now at least one horrible monster would be trying to kill us!

Everyone: Blizzy!

Blizzy: What? Blizzy is just saying it's nice to have a safe, quiet holiday for once.

«Ground shakes»

Hero: Blizzy, why would you say something like that?

«Starts to snow coal»

Peasant: ?!

Angry Guy: Hey!
Angry Guy: Put that down!

Child: ?!

Angry Guy: I said put that down! It's mine!

Child: Waaaahhhhhhh!

That's your 4th cup! Stop drinking all the cider!
…eating all the cookies!
MY fruitcake!
Give it to me!
Get away from the presents!

«Monsters appear»

White Stalker: *Snarl*
White Stalker: *Snarl*

Peasant: AAH! I'm outta here!

Yorumi: Hero, get the moglins to safety. We'll hold these fiends off.

«Scene: Hero running with Blizzy»

Blizzy: Look!
Blizzy: What is that?

«Hero and Blizzy found Nippy on the snow»

Hero: Oh, no.
Hero: What happened to you?

Nippy: …Dage…
Nippy: It was all Dage…


«Scene: Dage The Evil»

Dage The Evil: Yes… More! More battles, more slaying! It is almost time…

«Scene: Nippy on the snow»

«Nippy closes his eyes»

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