Black Boles

Smoothie Alchemist
Can't talk now, I'm running low on juice! I'm all out of glass bottles, but maybe you can help! I need a Perfect Glass Bottle ASAP so I can bottle-up my newest recipe: the Perfect Moglinberry Juice. But I'm all out of Perfect Bottles! Maybe if you help me get one I can help you out with whatever you're lookin' for?

Ask about J6
I'd love to help out but if I don't find a bottle soon, my juice will spoil! Can you help me out?

After completing Black Boles' Quest:
So you got some questions about the infamous J6, huh? Well I will do my best to help ya… whadya wanna know?

1. Where J6 was spotted last?
…hmmm? Whazits? Sorry, this Moglinberry Juice reminds me of the cold smoothies that I used to get on Westion when I went to school in Soluna City. Mmmmm… delicious!

2. Who saw J6 last?
Well, if the gossip was true, then the last person who saw J6 was the Engineer of Zephyrus. I can't recall his name though.

3. What did J6 steal?
Oh, whatever J6 stole was important. The sure-shot always gets his prize. If he wants it, he's ganna steal it. No doubt about it.

4. What is J6's weapon of choice?
If you ever plan on fighting J6, don't bring a knife. He's really quick on the draw…

5. What is J6's eye color?
If J6 had Pink Eye, then I wonder that color his eyes would turn out to be?

6. What is J6's class?
Once a thief, always a thief. That's no class I would want to live by. But to each their own, right?

- Black Boles' Quest

Location: Saloon


Thanks to Ashley_1.

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