Bitter Enemies


«Scene: Hero, Barnabus, and Safiria standing outside the crypt in Count Maxius' castle»

Hero: So, you really think you can pull this off?

Safiria: Count Maxius' ritual? Yes.
Safiria: He had delegated most of the preparation to Barnabus, here…
Safiria: …so he's been able to tell me everything I needed to know.
Safiria: Count Maxius was kind enough provide me with the sacrifice the ritual requires.
Safiria: I just need to get the rest of it finished before the Blood Moon sets.
Safiria: Once it ends, I'll have lost my chance to come back.

Hero: At least until the next Blood Moon.

Safiria: Well… yes. But it's hard to say when that would be. The last one was over 150 years ago.
Safiria: But with your help, I think I can pull it off.

Constantin (off-screen): You know I can't allow that to happen.

«Screen zooms out to show Constantin standing to the left with two lycan guards beside him»

Safiria: Constantin!

«Split screen: Constantin on the left; Safiria on the right»

Safiria: Get in my way, and you'll be the first beast I destroy once I've come back.

Constantin: Do you see, one-shape? This is why I must stop her!
Constantin: She has always hated my people.

Safiria: *I* hated YOU? You slaughtered my people mercilessly, like the animals you are!

Constantin: Yes – because we had to!
Constantin: You fought us, attacked us simply for existing on the same land as you!
Constantin: I remember all too well how bitter our conflict was.
Constantin: And I will do whatever it takes to stop it from happening again.

Safiria: And the vampires have been your best friends since I've been gone, have they?

Constantin: They recognize that more powerful enemies now threaten us both!

Safiria: Fortunately, I'm strong enough to handle both.

«Constantin lunges at Safiria, who fades away»

«Screen fades to white»

Safiria: Silly puppy. Did you really think it would be that easy?

«Scene: Constantin looking around for Safiria»

Constantin: I don't have to catch you.
Constantin: I just have to stop your ritual.

«Scene fades»

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