Bitter Amnesty


«Scene: Kyron and the Hero stand in front of the defeated Talmin in his camp»

Talmin: Curse you, traitor!

«Scene: Close up of Kyron, who narrows his eyes»


«Talmin kneels»

Talmin: Finish it.

Kyron: You know that's not how I work, old friend.

«Scene: Close up of Kyron»

Kyron: I came here to help you, not to end you. I'm prepared to offer you complete amnesty.

Talmin: Heh, I see now. You want something from me, don't you? Of course you do.

Kyron: Curse it, Talmin, I'm offering you a second chance!
Kyron: Your bandits were carrying communications that warned of dragon attacks.
Kyron: Don't you see how serious this is?

Talmin: I would have to be a fool to ignore the attacks when I have already lost brothers and sisters to them.
Talmin: That's why I moved here.

Kyron: And that's why you have to return.
Kyron: I know you. Can you really let those people perish for nothing?
Kyron: A chance at vengeance, complete amnesty. Don't let your pride ruin this for you.

Talmin: Very well. I will investigate these attacks.
Talmin: I am your man until all of this comes to a close.
Talmin: But when it does, Kyron, you had better hope that you never see me again.

«Scene pans up and fades to black»

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