Monochrome Piper
Am I "pied"? I don't get it, an. What does that even mean? I just really like blue, you know?

After completing the 'Find Bingwen' quest:

Monochrome Piper
Rats all over Akiba? And right when the new year celebration is about to start? That sounds TERRIBLE, man!

So what's Ai no Miko gonna do to get rid of them?

Well… she was hoping YOU could help with that.
Me? Oh, sure, I'd love to help out! I'll start getting set up right away.

…as soon as I've collected my modest concert fee.

There's a fee?
Of course! A musician's still gotta eat, you know.

Miko didn't send me with any money.
That's okay. I'm sure you can find some!

There's a gang of lin kuei - shadowy assassins - living in the forest near my pad. I bet they have some money you can "borrow".

And I'm sure Ai no Miko would appreciate you chasing those guys off just as much as I would.

Yeah, okay. I can do that.
Am I "pied"? I don't get it, man. What does that even mean? I just really like blue, you know?

- Bingwen's Quests

Location: Akiba - Chinese New Year

Thanks to Crewcyl.

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