Binding the Beast (Script Only)


Have you ever wondered what might have happend had things not gone quite your way?
What would have happend had you not prevailed against The Beast?

Wonder no more…

«Scene fades»
«Scene: More text appears on the Screen»

//Open on split-screen. Left: action BG of the Hero slashing downwards with weapon.
Right: The Beast. Text across bottom of the screen.


Cut to shot of the Hero standing much closer to the Beast, weapon unsheathed.

Beast Text: You call yourself a Hero?!
Beast Text: Your Pride drives you to commit heroic deeds!
Beast Text: You Envy the power of your enemies and wish to strike them down for it!
Beast Text: And your Greed for more and more power and rewards drives you even further!
Beast Text: Pride, Envy, Avarice! All sparks that set fire to hearts of humans!
Beast Text: You aren't driven by virtue! You are driven by sin!
Beast Text: You are right where you belong, Hero!
Beast Text: With ME!
Beast Text: Give me your soul, Dragon, and we will make paradise together!
??? (Offscreen): Silence!
The Beast: *Growls*
//Cut to a shot of the same room. Dage now on the left side of the screen.
Beast Text: If it isn't the other half of my soul.
Beast Text: Come to become one with me once more?
Dage the Evil: No.
Beast Text: What did you say?
Dage the Evil: No.
Beast Text: Perhaps you have forgotten your place!
Dage the Evil: Perhaps I shall remind you of yours!
//Dage raises his hands and begins draining light blue souls from the Beast
The Beast: What do you think you're doing?!
Dage the Evil: Binding you to my will.
The Beast: What?
Dage the Evil: It is true that you are too powerful for me to consume your power completely…
Dage the Evil: But that doesn't mean I can't control where your power goes.
Dage the Evil: You are now the newest weapon in my Legion.
Dage the Evil: And with you, I intend on burning our enemies to the ground!
The Beast: You won't be able to control me forever, Half One.
The Beast: Chains will not prevent the inevitable.
The Beast: Once your grip slips, I will shatter these chains and devour you, making myself whole.
The Beast: Then all of Lore will be mine to devour.
Dage the Evil: Even when the time comes where I can't keep you in check…
Dage the Evil: There will always be heroes that will do it for me!
The Beast: We shall see, Half One. We shall see.
//Cut to just Hero and Dage
Dage the Evil: Thanks to you, the Beast was weakened to the point that I was able to bind it to my will.
//Multiple Choice:
-Good: I'm just glad that the world isn't ending.
-Nulgath Nation: Do not thank me, Traitor!
-Legion: It is good to have you back, Lord Dage.
//Regardless of choice, the cutscene goes the same
Dage the Evil: Regardless, you have given me a powerful new weapon in my arsenal.
Dage the Evil: And with this new weapon, I shall expand my Legion.
Dage the Evil: And soon, I will finish my fight with Malgor.
Dage the Evil: For good.
Dage the Evil: But don't get too comfortable, Hero.
Dage the Evil: If the Beast breaks free from these chains, you will have another cataclysm on your hands.
Dage the Evil: But I'm sure you would be more than happy to handle it for me, right?
Hero: Right…
//The End!

«Text fades»

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