Big Mouth



«Scene: Captain Rhubarb holds the Heart of the Sea»

Captain Rhubarb: Now THIS be what we came for!

Floyd: Blimey! Would ye' look at the size o' that thing!

Captain Rhubarb: Findin' this is goin' te make us legends among pirates!

Floyd: Not te mention RICH!

Hero: Yeah…
Hero: But maybe we should get out of here before anyone notices you've got that thing.

Scurvyfins McKrill: Too late.

«Scurvyfins McKrill stands in the hold next to the Hero, Floyd, and Captain Rhubarb»

Hero: Dang.

Scurvyfins McKrill: This be OUR ship, and you won't be takin' OUR treasure.
Scurvyfins McKrill: Now put it back, an' maybe I won't have te kill ye.

Captain Rhubarb: Now, I'm sure we can work out some sort o'-

Floyd: No way, kelp breath! We plundered this here gem fair an' square!

Hero: Floyd, please don't antagonize the huge merdraconian.

Scurvyfins McKrill: Big mouth on yer wee friend!
Scurvyfins McKrill: Guess he doesn't realize I could eat him in one bite.

Floyd: Yeah? I'd like to see ye try it!

Hero: Oh, no.

«Scurvyfins McKrill advances»

Scurvyfins McKrill: With pleasure.

«Scene fades»

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