Big Mama


Matchmaker Extraordinaire
Go on, it’s okay to be a little giddy. This tournament is all about winning your affection! To think, a courageous and amazing person like you had no suitors! My brother obviously isn’t doing his job right. Or, he’s lazy. Everyone who received a letter of challenge accepted without question. So many people, even primordials, wanted some of your time! What other reasons could there possibly be?

What is Arcadia? Why, the Realm of Love of course! Think of it as a place similar to Mystcroft, home of the cauldron sisters. I specifically chose this corner of Arcadia as the battleground for your champions. Handling a few chores for your heart is insulting. Surmounting this tower is the least they could do.

Big Daddy
My twin brother and I were born in Arcadia. He’s in charge of love among mortals, and I’m in charge of love among deities. There’s nothing keeping the two from mingling, except for Big Daddy. He’s too careful about power imbalances and fear. That’s the spice of L-O-V-E! You must agree. Otherwise, these evil and brooding champions wouldn’t be fighting so hard for you.

In total, there were forty-eight contenders vying for your attention. It was an amazing mix of members from the evil faction, beings of unfathomable origin, and…and…zzzzz. Ah! Sorry, fell asleep thinking about the good faction. Only a few of them put up a fight. Can’t expect more. They’ll give everything up for the sake of the world. Evil? They’ll give their obsession the world on a silver platter. Ro-man-tic!

Location: Arcadia
Note: Disappears after completing the 'Road Not Taken' quest.


Thanks to Bad.

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