Big Daddy (NPC)

CEO of Big Daddy's Candy & Cards LLC
Hey, baby! Big Daddy is the name, and Love is my game (along with Chocolate, and Card sales). Welcome to Lore's center of romance, The Forest of infinite Terror! I've been waiting for a hero just like you to become a real champion of love!

I am the CEO of Big Daddy's Candy & Cards LLC, and I run the whole operation from my home here in The Forest of Infinite Terror!

Normally this time of year gets so busy that I hire heroes to dress up and deliver Snuggle-Grams throughout the forest, but sometimes I get a very special customer (with a very deep wallet) who requires special attention.

Right now I'm looking for some lucky hero who has got what it takes handle just such a case, baby. You look like you've got the heart. Interested in becoming one of my Special Case Workers? The benefits aren't great but you'll get full access to my shop!

When I moved in here the place was a wreck! We are still trying to get the name changed to the Forest of Lovely Hearts but sometimes stuff like this gets caught up in red tape… so we'll make do, baby!

We're also still trying to clear all of the monsters out and change the name, but until then I've had my assistants paint all the monsters pink, and do they thank me? NO, it just makes them MORE angry.

- Big Daddy's Quests

After completing Big Daddy's Quests:

CEO of Big Daddy's Candy & Cards LLC
Great work, Special Case Worker. Your client is Prince Jim. You'll find him near the path back to Battleon. He'll fill you in on the case details. This is your big break… don't drop the ball, baby!

- Big Daddy's Quests
- Big Daddy's Shop

Location: Love


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