An Informed Ally in the War
*Pssst* Hey. You. Yeah, I know who you are. Don't say anything. As long as I wear black and look slightly dazed, the 'bots won't suspect I'm not hypnotized, too. Look, you know by now that Chairman Platinum's not behind this. He's gone, for good, but I don't know where. Mr. Z's got a secret weapon that will CRUSH anything Platinum could ever throw at you.

Mr. Z
Mr. Z is determined to prove he's the darkest, ebilest, most effective CEO EbilCorp has ever have. And defeating him won't be easy. But I believe you've got what it takes to bring him down. And I've got something to help.

- EbilCorp War Chest
- Bido's Quests


Note: Also see Bido's BlackCaster.

Thanks to Odugath.

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