List of all Non Rare, Non Special Offer Gold Color Custom Armors

Abyssal Darkness (Legend)
Abyssal Priest of Nulgath
Alchemage Armor
Alpha Lycan
Amazing Anime Mariner (Legend)
Armored Royal Prince
Assassins of the Abyss Armor
Astute Dress
Beach Party Wear
Beach Ready Swim Suit
Beach Wear
Beachin' Werewolf
Black Mage Robes
Blade Master (Armor)
Color Custom Zhoom
Colorful Undead Champion
Dark Cavern Warrior
Darkblood Peasant
Dragon's Envy Armor
Elegant Kimono
Elemental Dissonance
Elemental Dracomancer Armor (Non-AC)
Emo Rocker
Evolved BladeMaster
Evolved Bunny Berserker
Evolved Shaman Armor (Non-AC)
Fiend of Nulgath
Fish Suit
Fluffy Bunny Suit
Frostval Barbarian Armor (Legend)
Golden Dragoon
Greenguard Shaman
Grenwog Slayer
Gummi Bear Suit
Hidden Chaos Rogue
Hipster Sweatervest (Legend)
Hollow Zerker
Iron Bolt Armor
Knight of the Shining Armor
Lazy Summertime
Liar's Curse
Lycan Knight (Armor)
Magical Blossoming Bush
Mascarada de Muertos
Native Warrior
Onyx Dragon Armor
Pilgrim Wizard
Pink Mage Robes
Pride of the Kingdom
Prismatic Blossom Bush
Prismatic Doom Attendant
Prismatic Fall Fighter
Prismatic Magi Robes
Prismatic Necromancer (1)
Prismatic SkyGuard Warrior
Purple Wedding Garb
Robe of Knowledge
Ronin Hunter
Royal Fang Armor
Royal Swordhaven Guard
Sage Armor
Shadow Ghoul
Shadow Lich
Shadow Shinobi
Shadow Weaver
Shaman Armor
Shamanic Summoner
Simple Robe
Slammin' Swimwear
Summer Style
Tau Ceti Soldier
Techno Mage
Thief of Hours Armor
Undead Mage Armor
Undead Mage (Temporary)
Vampire Emissary
Vivid Snowsuit
Were-diver Morph
Xtreme Fishing Jersey
Zhoom Outfit
Zombie Gunslinger
Zombie Trophyhunter

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