Traveling Style Guide
Hello Hero! It's about time I came to see you. I wander all across Lore helping any adventurer I meet battle with class! I always say, if you love what you do, do it well and do it with style. And there's nothing I love more than taking a head of hair that looks like it's been through a war-zone and making it fit for a Royal Awards Ceremony!

Hair-raising Tales
You would not believe the horrible cases of helmet hair I've seen, or worse… UNDEAD head! Rotting skulls are a look no one can pull off! I've known Artix for a long-time, and he's battled more than enough skeletons to back me up on this.

- Hair Cut

Your Hair?!
My hair? Do you like it? Oh! You've probably never seen a quick-change stylist before! I am a Master of the Chameleonic Coiffure, a skill unlocked after years of rigorous training. And a Quantum Cut buff lets me look like I have TWO styles at once! These are the skills a true stylist possesses!

- Hair Cut

- Hair Cut
- Hair Shop



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