Betrayal in the Air


«Scene: Air Storm.»

As'iiur: Excellent, <Hero>. The quality is perfect. But I lack a vital piece of knowledge.
As'iiur: I have wished to know the formula for a certain solution for years, but Hs'Sakar has kept silent.
As'iiur: Now that it is crucial to the success of my spell, I feel he will share it. Please, go to him and ask.

Galanoth: I will go with you, <Hero>. The elements are dangerous, now, and the dragons crazed.

«As'iiur begins to look wary.»

As'iiur: It is dangerous to go alone. Here, take this. … No, not you Omom.

«As'iiur unleashes a tornado on the Hero.»

As'iiur: You feel now to draconic senses to be a Priest to of the Prime Air Dragon. It is the least I can do, when you aid my children. Now. Go!

«As'iiur grabs a flower.»

As'iiur: DragonSlayer, might you help determine the potency of the Dragon's Fire pollen?

«Galanoth is handed the flower»

As'iiur: DragonSlaaaaaaaaaaayer!

«Scene fades.»

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