Beta Shop



  • Beta Berserker did not exist in the Beta Testing version of this shop. It was sold in the Class Armors shop instead.
  • This shop was open to everyone for a couple weeks after the game went live.
Name Price
Sword_Table.png Balrog Blade 80,000 Gold
Sword_Table.png Beta Tester Star Sword 1,000,000 Gold
Dagger_Table.png Crude Twin Dagger 40,000 Gold
Sword_Table.png Crude Short Sword raresmall.png 5,000 Gold
Sword_Table.png Cutlass 40,000 Gold
Mace_Table.png Grumpy Hammer 40,000 Gold
Axe_Table.png Orc's Axe 40,000 Gold
Sword_Table.png Shinobi Katana (1) 80,000 Gold
Sword_Table.png Star Sword raresmall.png 1,000,000 Gold
Polearm_Table.png Undead Plague Spear 5,000 Gold

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