Best. Concert. EVER!


«Scene: the Hero and Sora to Hoshi, ready to cast a spell»

Hero: Nngh! Could use a little help here, guys!

«The band plays their music and a spell hits the Planeshifter, which disappears»


«Scene: Rocks start flying out of a hole in the sky»

Sora to Hoshi: Guys?? I think we have a problem.

Hero: The void is collapsing!

Sora to Hoshi: Keep playing! Your music will shield us!

«The Hero and the band members fly through the black hole and end back up at the concert venue. The band plays.»

<Scene fades»

«Scene: Sora to Hoshi and the Hero in the crowd next to the band on the stage»

Hero: Best. Concert. EVER!

Sora to Hoshi: Yeah! But I'm so glad we finally made it BACK.

Benjamin: Hey, thanks for the help, you two!
Benjamin: Next time we play in Lore, you're on the guest list!

Hero: I can't wait!

Sora to Hoshi: Me either!
Sora to Hoshi: But I think I'll keep my "fireworks" under control just in case.

«Scene fades»

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