Benjamin Burnley

Lead Singer, Breaking Benjamin
It's great to be here. We were totally freakin' stoked to get back out and play. When we came back, it really was a sense that we had never left. I'm grateful and I have been determined to show I'm grateful by getting back out there and doing the best I can. And the fans are being super awesome, just like they always have been. Everybody in the band realizes what an incredible gift that is, and we realize that we're lucky to have that.

New Album?
Our new album just came out. It's called Aurora. We recreated some of our favorite songs in an acoustic style and It also features guest musicians from some of the bands that we love.

We're co-headlining with Korn, and the band Bones is also on the tour.

Cool! Korn was the first band to play in our Arena. We love them!

When we first started our band, I borrowed a mic from my friend and accidentally broke it. He said, "Thanks to Benjamin for breaking my mic," and it stuck!

Location: Breaking Benjamin Pass


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