Bodyguard of Nevery, Wellmet Wizard
Hmph… Welcome to Wellmet, traveler. I see you've found your way to the Twilight. Seems everyone does. The slums have always drawn all sorts of folk - wanderers, thieves, rogues, mages. You'll do well here as long as you don't go nosing about in the shadows. Somehow *grumble* I think that's exactly what you'll do.

Wellmet Facts
You want to know about Wellmet? Hrmph. Guess if anyone could tell you, it'd be me. I been hiring out to work in the Twilight since I was a boy. What do you want to know?

Who rules?
Wellmet's ruled by a hard woman, the Duchess Willa. She knows her mind and she's not afraid to speak it, y'hear? So stay out of her way. Conn here, he knows, too. He'll remind you. She's got a slip of a daughter, the Lady Rowan. Quick, smart. Too eager for trouble. She's the boy's friend.

Reckon you'll not have time to venture to the mage-academy, but you might send Conn or Rowan there if y'get into trouble. The rich send their brood there, and the school takes in future mages. The boy studies there, when he has a mind to.

Th' mages there are too busy talking, arguing, and debating to be of much use to the likes of ME, but they keep Wellmet and its magic safe. Or they used to. They've been raging of late. Seems some of their strongest, most long-winded wizards have scarpered.

Hrmph. Thieves. Dirty gold-grabbers, pocket-pinchers. Conn's very familiar with the Thief Overlord, Crowe. His mother, Black Maggie, knew Crowe well, too. *grumble* But we've near forgiven the boy his past. It's come in handy. You might think about putting his skills to use.

Aye, you'll find monsters in Wellmet. Known creatures like those slime-sucking misery eels. New ones've popped up recently, too. Heard them called the rysa - deorysa and the stupider ones, the subrysa. Shadows say some uppity mage over at the Sunrise Palace created them outta blood and magic. Humph.

Where Do I go?

You see some strange things in Wellmet, Hero. And it's usually to do with some mage or another. Conn says you're hunting mage-friends from Battleon? Then you should go hunt down the cracknob in green -- heard he goes by Cysero -- luring all the misery eels to him in the backalleys. Reckon we're surrounded by misery eels enough just living in the Twilight.

- Benet's Quests



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