Winter's Howl
My dear puppy Ruprecht and the Belsnicklings welcomed the birth of our fellow Winter night terror, Helsdottir. Born of an ancient Northlands goddess and sister to Krampus, she hunts down fools trying to outrun her herd’s retribution. Face her head on? Ha, win and I’ll treat you to warm onion milk. Lose, and I’ll gather what’s left of you in my kindling sack. But beware, the woods are also home to the Krimplings, and those little beasts can be quite a pain.

I've heard the old ones say that Krampus was the son of an ancient Northlands goddess, Hel. Now I can't know for sure, but if that's true, then his sister is also partly immortal. So I'd be VERY careful when approaching her, if I were you.

- Belsnickel's Quests
- Helsgrove Merge

Location: Helsgrove


Thanks to Bad.

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