Abyssal Angel's Shadow Trainer
They there, newcomer. You got a good eye in seeking out Celestial Magic. However not all celestial Magic is bright and illuminating. Sometimes, it may very well blind your enemies. Take a stroll with me and maybe you'll learn a thing or two, eh?.

What is an Abyssal Angel's Shadow?
Mixing Void Magic with Celestial Magic, the Abyssal Angel's Shadow were trained by Revontheus to wield Crystal Weaponry. While great in one to one combat, where they excel best is taking on hordes of multiple enemies at once having various and deadly ways to take down their opponents.

How to get?
To become an Abyssal Angel's Shadow, you must wait until Black Friday (Around Late November) for the shop to return back into the Game Menu. Once there, you may purchase it for Adventure Coins.

How to use?
Recommended Enhancement: Spellbreaker, Wizard.
These elite archers are some of Nulgath's most highly trained troops, using swift damage over time to slay their enemies. When the Archfiend needs something done quietly, an Abyssal Angel is summoned. They are able to strike a single foe form afar with Flight, increasing their damage to that one target, or can use Aphotic Overdrive to increase their area of effect damage.

Location: Class Hall C


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