Beleen and the Beast


«Scene: Hero, Sir Racha and unconscious Beleen at Red Velvet Cake Mountain insides»

Hero: ?!?!

Beleen: Congratulations! You are the grand prize winner of Beleen's Dream Island!

Hero: What the… what is going on here?!

Beleen: You won, silly! You won my competition!

Hero: But… I thought… the Beast… captured you… and… I was gonna rescue you…

Beleen: Hehehehe! I sure got you good, didn't I? I was all like 'Oh nooo a big spooky monster captured me! Haaallp!'

Hero: But… what about the whole 'damsel in distress' thing? You know, the classic theme in art, literature, online video games…?

Beleen: So overplayed and so inaccurate. Just because I don't look threatening doesn't mean I'm weak person incapable of astonishing things.
Beleen: I convinced everyone in Lore that I had been captured.
Beleen: I even convinced Artix to give me a ridiculous pink zone (…but I think his eyes are forever scarred).
Beleen: And finally… look at me. I fight monsters in hot pink stiletto boots. Simply walking in those things is an astonishing feat.

Hero: You mean it's an astonishing FEET.

Beleen: Aha! Good one! (why didn't I think of that?)

Hero: So, what about finding your true love on Heroes Heart Day…?

Beleen: I love all people in this world. Everyone is special in his or her own way, and everyone is capable of love and being loved =D
Beleen: Buut since this is a Heroes Heart Day release, I'll let you decide who my Valentine should be, since you DID win my little competition after all!
Beleen: When this cutscene ends, just talk to Beast over there and he'll give you different Heroes Heart Day cards to choose from.
Beleen: And don't forget to speak with Sir Racha! He'll hook you up with some super saucy prizes.
Beleen: Congratulations on winning, my hero! And Happy Heroes Heart Day!

«Scene fades»

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