Behemoth Defeated


«Hero, Abel, Blizzy and Hero putting the Golden Mogin on top of the tree»

Syrrus: *GRUNT* Abel, next year you're on the bottom..

Abel: W-what? No way! Let's juse use a ladder next year like I suggested.

Hero: Next year, let's pick a shorter tree…

Blizzy: bLliizZy iiisSS DiZzzzyyyy….

«The human/moglin tower falls as the ground shakes>

Hero: What was that?


«Soldiers going to battle»

Soldier: We're under attack! Man the stations!

«Syrrus, Abel, Hero and Soldiers looking at a monster»

Abel: What…?

Syrrus: The Frostspawn?!

«Karok is attacking with his army»

Karok: So we meet again… "Hero."

Hero: Karok!

Karok: I see you haven't learned from your previous failures.

Syrrus: Grr…you fiend! Haven't you caused enough destruction already?

Karok: Not yet. Not even close.
Karok: I've scoured this island in search of a so-called Champion…

Syrrus: …!!!

Karok: …And my search has brought me here.

Hero: You're not taking another step!

Karok: Is that so?
Karok: After waiting for so long, my army thirsts for battle.
Karok: I'll give them what they want…just this once.
Karok: You have until your little Frostval.
Karok: It'll be fun watching you worms struggle to fend off my lowliest footsoldiers.
Karok: And then…I'll crush you myself.

«Karok's army attacks»

Hero: Go! Get back to the village!

Abel: What can I do to help?!
Abel: I can use magic-

«Abel blows some mobs with ice magic»

Hero: Whoa! Thanks!
Hero: Get back to the village and protect the others. We can regroup once this wave is defeated!

Abel: Alright!

«Hero goes to war»

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