Be My Hero


«Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

Hero: So there I was, face to face with Scarletta…
Hero: …2 seconds away from bringing her to justice. Thunder boomed in the distance-

???: *ahem*

Hero: Come on, man, I'm in the middle of a story here.

«Glurp holds out an envelope»

Hero: Eh? What's this?
Hero: "Dear Hero…"
Hero: "You recently defeated Scarletta, and freed the thousands of girls (and a few boys!) imprisoned in her tower."
Hero: "But when you left, one captive beauty still remained -- me!"
Hero: "My mirror was in the Shattered Maze, so I was not freed when the tower came crashing down."
Hero: Oh no! I left someone behind?

Twilly: That's really weird. Shouldn't they all have been released when you broke the spell?

Hero: Wait, there's something else in the envelope -

«A close-up of a piece of paper is shown.»

I solemnly swear That I, the Hero of Lore, will enter the last mirror in the Shattered Maze to rescue the maiden known as Tiffany Glassbinder and will forever be her Hero.

Hero: Awwww, that's so sweet!
Hero: I'm on my way, Tiffany! I won't leave you in there!

Twilly: Twilly's not so sure about this, <Hero>. Something seems fishy.

«Hero strikes a pose»

Hero: No! I'm a hero! I rescue people!

Twilly: *sigh* Fine, just… be careful, ok?

«Scene fades»


«Scene: the Hero and Glurp stand in front of a mirror in the Shatterglass maze.»

Hero: Wow, no wonder I missed her! I don't even remember seeing this mirror here before!

«Tiffany appears in the mirror»

Tiffany: Hero! You've come for me!

Hero: Of course! I sword to save EVERYONE Scarletta stole!
Hero: I just need to find this mirror's key…

Tiffany: Wait!
Tiffany: Did you sign that contract I sent?
Tiffany: …the contract that says you'll be my hero?

Hero: Haha, well… I… oh, sure. Why not.

«The Hero signs the contract»

Tiffany: Oh, thank you, thank you!
Tiffany: Glurp there already went to the trouble of getting the key for you, so…

Hero: Oh! Well, that was easy.
Hero: Hmm. If Twilly was here, he'd be telling me this feels like a trap.
Hero: Welp, guess it's a good thing he's not here!

«The Hero leaps into Tiffany's mirror…»

«…and ends up in a rocky chamber»

Hero: …Well, crap.

«Scene fades»

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