Baxter's Answers


«Scene: Dungeon»

«Baxter is Defeated»

«Baxter is Detained»

Hero: Alright, Baxter. The supplies have been returned, and you're captured. Now we want answers!
Hero: Who are Jus Divinum? Who is behind it? Drakath? Lionfang? Noxus?

Baxter: That's three strikes. Wrong on all counts.
Baxter: That one of the small pleasures in life, hero. Sometimes you just don't get any answers.
Baxter: You need not concern yourselves with Jus Divinum. They are well beyond your reach.
Baxter: We're just pawns in their much greater game. You, me… even your Silent Sentinel friends.

Hero: What? You know about the Silent Sentinels?!

Agent Sloan: That's fine. We know about Jus Divinum. That puts us on equal footing.

Baxter: You're fools if either of you believe that.

Agent Sloan: That's quite enough for now, Baxter.
Agent Sloan: The Silent Sentinels have sent word. They are already looking into this Jus Divinum.
Agent Sloan: But for now, the traitor is caught, he's in Sentinel custody and the supply leak is sealed.
Agent Sloan: I appreciate all the work you've done for us. I've got a little thank you gift back at the Tower.
Agent Sloan: You're everything the rumors said you were, hero. You'll be hearing from us again.

«Screen Fades»

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