BattleUnder Fire


«Scene: Dragon's nest in Battleunder E – Some of the eggs are hatching»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Battleon Town shaking»

«Dragons fly over Battleon Town»

Twilly: Everybody… indoors! Duck and cover. Twillies will heal you after!

«Scene: Battleunder E – a dragon has hatched from the egg»

Hero: The HATCHING is causing the earthquakes? That makes so much sense.
Hero: This is a perfect place to harden lava dragon eggs. Buuuuut --
Hero: Heeeey, there little guy. I've got to hand it to you -- your arrival has been a blast. Literally!
Hero: But I know a lot of people who would really hate to see their homes destroyed.
Hero: Even if it IS because of a teeny tiny baby dragon who doesn't know better.
Hero: What say we just move you and your sib --

«A much larger dragon lands in front of the baby dragon»

«Scene fades»

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