Battleon Town

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The Town of battleon.





Map Name: battleontown
Room Limit: 11 10
Access points:




Lorepedia Entries

Big Jack Sprat
Jack is an anomaly. So old that he's passed into Battleon folklore, no one knows how he was raised, what his purpose is, or even if Jack Sprat is his real name. Only conjecture is available about his origins. The mausoleum in which he makes his home is quite large, so it's possible that Jack may have been someone important. This would explain how an enchanted spear of such quality wound up in his possession. Jack's body is appears to be more or less human with the exception on the legs and jaw, which look as though they come from completely different creatures. In his many, countless years of unlife, Jack Sprat may have taken these parts from animals and monsters unfortunate enough to cross paths with him.

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